Collagraph DVD : A Sculptural approach to Printmaking
Collagraph DVD : A Sculptural approach to Printmaking
Collagraph DVD : A Sculptural approach to Printmaking
Collagraph DVD : A Sculptural approach to Printmaking

Collagraph DVD : A Sculptural approach to Printmaking

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Brenda Hartill spent  4 years compiling a DVD of 16 short films and a catalogue slide show which give a fascinating insight into the processes which she employs to create her unique sculptural print works: collagraph, etching and mixed-media.

The construction and printing of collagraph and etching projects, interviews, courses, a catalogue of selected available works, as well as practical studio demos, and print-making tips, make this series of films of interest to the art lover, print collector, student, teacher & printmaker. 

The application of carborundum & silver & gold leaf, chine colle, plaster prints, glue properties,  printing techniques, including "the rubs", the proofing process, and studio practice are covered.

Her book  Collagraphs and Mixed-Media Printmaking, published by A&C Black, is

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3 1/2  hour DVD on 2 disks: 




I recently purchased your wonderful DVD series. I must say I have truly enjoyed watching them. II hope it is a great success for you and I hope it will not be your last! I want to watch them again and look forward to producing some nice prints using your methods. I wanted to say "Thank you" for sharing your process with others. It's nice to know there are artists that will share a few of their secrets.

Thank you Brenda. Your printers Dawn and Nicola are awesome!!

Phil Bivins, North Carolina USA


I am just watching it now and I am so mesmerized. Your work is amazing and I am beginning to understand how the plates are made. Thank you again for putting all this information out there for all to learn by.

Roberta Warshaw, Brookline, MA USA


The DVDs have arrived and I've watched them several times.  As a relative newcomer to printmaking I found the DVDs very easy to listen to and understand the methods explained. I also found the discussion about your creative process was equally interesting and insightful.  One of the main messages from the DVDs for me is to get out into the studio and start experimenting to develop my own creative language and style.  Thanks for imparting your expertise Brenda. 

Ellen Bennett, Mudgee, Australia


I’ve received your DVDs and must congratulate you on a thoroughly well thought out and well done job. Thank you so much for revealing how you do what you do (and do so well, I might add!). Your years
of trial and error with materials and methods have been handed to us on a platter and I must say that
it is very generous of you and much appreciated.

Caryl Peters, publisher Frog Hollow Press


Have just watched your DVD for 2nd time and I love it.  It is so generous of you to do this and I shall refer to it time and time again.  

Gerry McLoughlin, Norbury, Staffs UK


Bravo! For producing a wonderful DVD set which I received this week. Have already watched a couple of times. Thank you for your continued generosity as I am transported back to Udimore every time I watch it. There is a lovely ambiance in the DVD which is added to by the presence of Nicola and Dawn in the studio of course.

Jen Nieuwenhof Australia.


I am about three quarters of the way through watching your dvd's and I just have to say how fantastic they are.

Thank you so much for putting this information together, and the prints are an absolute visual delight.

I am taking my time watching these, about an hour at a time once or twice per week, as you have been so generous with your knowledge that I need time to take it all in.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for putting the videos together and being kind enough to sell them, they are extremely

inspiring.  I just need to find the time to get into the studio and put some of it into practice.  

Elizabeth Burton Australia